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  • The EXPAT EXPO TOKYO2021 ended successfully

The EXPAT EXPO TOKYO2021 ended successfully

“EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2021”, which was held for two days on November 5th (Friday) and 6th (Saturday) has finished successfully.

As this is the only exhibition event for foreign residents in Japan, it was visited by people from various countries who primarily live in Japan.
Many people visited our booth, giving us the opportunity to talk about traditional Japanese crafts which did the event meaningful for us.

At this exhibition, we introduced various traditional craft products with Japanese motifs and services we provide along.
Due to limited space availability, we were only able to exhibit few of the products. Here we would like to introduce them once again.

Tin alloy sake set “Ethena” and “Masujiro” from Artland Co.Ltd., which we introduced at the previous exhibition.

Tableware corner
Pottery products made by Gotanbayashi Kama kiln (left) which provides lifestyle experience with functional and aesthetical features. It utilizes Karatsu pottery tradition.
Kato Lacquer Ware Store (right) crafts modern tableware and accessories using Wajima-nuri traditional lacquer.

Nishijin-ori textile corner
Takao Masuya factory (left) where you can have hands on experience making Nishijin-ori fabric, or participate in online tours held via Zoom.
Nishijin Okamoto (right) produces contemporary jewelry from Nishijin-ori fabric.

「八泉-Eight Fountains」is a service provided by Senju Co., Ltd., which allows foreigners to create their Kanji name with meaning to their liking, and also accept orders for stainless steel cut-out character accessories.

Sekine Paulownia Wood Shop that produces stylish products made from paulownia tree, such as coffee canisters.

Yamawaki Knife Mfg. Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells “Gouma no Sukeyoshihiro” brand knives in Sakai, the town of cutlery.

Akizakura, whose colorful products are made by re-making kimonos into umbrellas and fashion accessories (upcycling) are eye-catching.

By seeing and touching the products you could feel handmade spirit and commitment placed into creation of these crafts.
We believe that it was a good opportunity for those who came to the exhibition to actually experience and feel quality of crafts.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth and paid interest to our exhibits.
Our Japanese craft division will continue to help expand Japanese traditional crafts and local industries both domestically and internationally.
Please feel free to contact us if you need any support or would like to exhibit at the online shop, participate in other exhibitions.

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