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  • Release a new color with the popular “Japanese pattern” on Masujiro

Release a new color with the popular “Japanese pattern” on Masujiro

A new color has appeared in “Masujiro” of Artland Co., Ltd., which is also introduced on our website “Washoku Premium” and “Washoku” website.
It is also available at the “Washoku Premium Online Shop“, which opened in March this year.

The design with that “Japanese pattern”, which is a hot topic now, is ideal as a gift for people not only in Japan but also overseas.
As this is a made-to-order product, it may take some time before delivery, but you can change it to your favorite color.
These products are made one by one by Japanese craftsmen.
Feel free to pick up the items.

■MASU-JIRO Repeat, Dan New Color

Click this button for product details and purchase

It’s the season when cold sake and cold tea are delicious.
Drinks served in tin tumbler are popular for their mellow and exceptional taste.
Tin tumblers and ochoko are also popular in Japan, but why is tin suitable for drinks such as sake, beer, and tea?

■High thermal conductivity
Tin has a very high thermal conductivity, so if you put it in the refrigerator, it will cool down immediately, and even if it is warm up, it will be warm and you can keep it at an appropriate temperature.

■Won’t oxidize, won’t rust
Tin is a metal that is stable in nature, resistant to oxidation, and resistant to rust.
Therefore, there is no change in color and a beautiful luster can be maintained for a long period of time.
In addition, being stable means that the substance does not dissolve and you can use it as tableware and sake set with confidence.

■Tin effect
Tin has an ionic effect and has excellent bactericidal properties.
Therefore, cut flowers in tin vases are said to last a long time.
It is said that this ionic effect removes the unpleasant taste of drinks and makes them mellow.

Tin is originally very soft metal, but, as for what is used for this measure Jiro, glossiness such as silver and a delicate design feature art land Corporation by a Tokyo Metropolitan industry technology center and the special tin alloy which I developed jointly.

it is made one by one by the hand of the craftsman, and it is appointed as “the traditional craft” of the country by “die hand casting molding law”.
About the manufacturing methods of the tinware, look at the introduction page of art Land Corporation.

You can purchase from the online shop.


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