Japanese traditional drinking vessel made of tin


“masu” is a Japanese traditional drinking vessel. “Masu-jiro” utilizing Japanese traditional techniques is made of tin. Heated sake stays hot longer and cooled sake stays cold longer as tin has a high thermal conductivity.

Moreover, the design of the side is creating an atmosphere of a Japanese style.


“Etena” is a tableware product series using a new material “Etena” of tin alloy. This tumbler is featured by the silver-like glossy surface and the mirror-finished convex pattern.
It is said that the taste of sake becomes mild and beer becomes full of froth if you put those in a tin tumbler.

“Masu-jiro” and “Etena” series are manufactured by Artland Co., Ltd. founded in 1892 and located in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo.

These products are manufactured by “mold hand casting” where each product is casted by a craftsman utilizing a mold. This is one of the Japanese original traditional techniques.
This utilizes a method called “yakibuki” where fused bare metal called “yu” is poured into a mold which is simultaneously cooled down by water.
Several craftsmen work on finishing and polishing processes to produce each product.

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